Use-Case: Uninterruptible gas supply

With the auto-change gas manifold with the Gas Control Unit (GCU) from IBEDA the gas is primarily supplied from the gas source with the lower pressure, provided this is above the set changeover pressure. The changeover pressure is equal to the minimum pressure required for the systems or processes.

A leak test system is used to test products, in this case gas fittings, which require test pressures between 5 bar and 25 bar, depending on the design.

An uninterrupted, resource-saving supply of test gas can be ensured with the automatic changeover gas manifold, which is fed from two gas sources (cylinders or bundles). Gas sources (cylinders or bundles), which still have a residual pressure of more than 5 bar, can still be used for test pressures up to 5 bar. With an intelligent, networked auto-change manifold, the required test pressure can be transmitted to the gas manifold system and the gas source with the lowest still sufficient filling pressure can be used. This ensures the best possible use of the gases, resources are conserved and costs can be reduced.