Statement REACH

Statement REACH – Lead in Brass as SVHC-substance

Under the REACH Regulation Article 33, we are obliged to inform you when a delivered product exceeds a substance of the SVHC candidate list for the authorization process ( to more than 0,1%. Reference quantity is the smallest component of a compound product (definition under

The supplied IBEDA products, especially Gas Safety Devices (Flashback arrestors, Quick-action couplings, Coupling pins) contain in different components of Brass (also the housing or body) the substance lead (EC Number: 231-100-4, CAS Number: 7439-92-1) to more than 0.1%.

Since lead is bound as an alloying element and therefore no exposure is expected, no additional information on safe use is necessary.

Moreover, labelling on the product is not necessary – this means, there is no need to label that it contains an SVHC-substance.

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