GAS ANALYSER mapControlMULTI & mapControlOXY

Gas analyser for mobile control of food packed in shielding gas

gasanalyse zusatzkomponenten

The portable GAS ANALYSER mapControlMULTI for measuring O2/CO2 and the GAS ANALYSER mapControlOXY for O2 analysis are the ideal gas analyzers for your packaging control. They enable mobile use and thus flexible quality control of modified atmosphere packaged food at the highest level. The gas analysers are suitable for a wide range of MAP packaging and offer true added benefit for your process monitoring thanks to their simple operation.



  • Fast and accurate analysis of gas-filled O2 and CO2 food packages
  • Portable analyser for quality control
  • Cordless mobile due to battery operation
  • Ergonomic design, light weight
  • Needle blockage alarm by sample flow sensor
  • Minimal sample gas requirement for very small packages
  • Easy to clean plastic surface
  • Measuring results can be saved and downloaded via USB as a CSV file (Excel)
  • Easy maintenance, calibration and low maintenance costs due to modular design


  • Easy to read, illuminated graphic display
  • Easy to use interface
  • Three possible sample gas volume options


  • Long lifetime of the O2 sensor (approx. 2 years), CO2-Sensor (indefinite)
  • Measurement Range: 0 – 100 %, in 0,1% increments
  • Integrated data storage of 10.000+ measurements