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Gas non-return valves

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Gas non-return valves

(Safety devices) according to EN ISO 5175-2

IBEDA gas non-return valves (safety devices) in accordance with EN ISO 5175-2 differ in their design; check valves and flashback resistant gas non-return valves are available.

The safety devices satisfy the requirements specified in all relevant standards and directives, they are tested by BAM in Berlin and are registered under the DVGW certification mark:
NG-4390CQ0062 (gas non-return valves/check valves - Model: GRV) and
DG-4390CQ0061 (gas non-return valves (flashback resistant) - Model: GRS)

The valve system, specially developed for low cracking pressures (4 – 6 mbar), permits position-independent installation of safety devices (gas non-return valves) and use for applications with minimal working pressures. The elastomers are suitable for operation with all relevant technical gases.

High flow capacity of the check valves and flashback-resistant gas non-return valves enable a broad spectrum of applications. The product line offers three sizes with nominal diameters from DN25 to DN50. The fittings are available in brass or stainless steel.

A stainless steel dust filter with a large filter surface protects the valve from contamination and ensures a long service life of the safety devices.

The check valves, as well as the flashback-resistant gas non-return valves are used to protect thermal process plants, pipeline systems, and tapping points.

Safety devices in accordance with EN ISO 5175-2 are configured without integrated flame arrestor. When using fuel gas and compressed air mixtures the IBEDA flashback-resistant gas non-return valve can also be used as safety device in accordance with EN ISO 5175-1.

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