Gas Pre-heater: GVW 250

Type GVW 250 for gas cylinder or bundle and gas manifold systems



  • For the efficient heating process of highly compressed inert and non-corrosive gases
  • Helps to prevent the icing of the downstream accessories by heating the medium
  • Guarantees reliability during continuous operation through double temperature control which prevents overheating
  • Equipped with plug, 2 m cable, with connections for the different gas types and a light-emitting diode (green) for "Heating ON"

The IBEDA gas pre-heater helps to prevent icing of the regulators or the fittings which are installed at the gas cylinders (Argon, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Laughing Gas, Oxygen or Nitrogen) or at the gas manifold systems where icing could be caused by expansion cooling.

Using gas pre-heaters reliably prevents reduction of the flow rate and associated interruptions of the production process.



CO2 Anwendung ohne Gasvorwärmer mit vereistem Druckregler

CO2 application
without Gas pre-heater and frosted regulator

CO2 Anwendung mit IBEDA Gasvorwärmer GVW 250

CO2 application
with IBEDA gas pre-heater GVW 250