Flame spraying guns for thermal spraying

Based on a long experience in manufacturing of thermal spray guns and the ongoing development of established products, the IBEDA range includes user-friendly and durable flame spraying guns and puddle torches. IBEDA's range of heating engineering includes sinter burners for flame spraying.

IBEDA as a manufacturer covers a wide range of flame spray guns used for thermal spraying of powders for surface treatment. IBEDA offers the powder spray torches Duraloy and DuraloyPlus for coating with self-fluxing alloys. IBEDA provides the thermal spray guns MiniSprayJet and UniSprayJet(SE) which are especially suitable for metal, plastic and ceramic powders. IBEDA manufactures custom flame spraying products according to customers'  requirements.

IBEDA offers a wide range of autogenous burners for surface coating with flame spraying and thermal finishing (self-fluxing alloys). Additionally, our product range covers all the quality products you need to safely use thermal spray guns- flashback arresters, quick connectors, hoses and gas manifold systems.

Furthermore IBEDA offers spare parts and comprehensive service for the RotoTec 800.

IBEDA products - Flame spraying guns

IBEDA Flame spraying – Industries

Flame spraying operations

Flame spraying operations

Flame spraying guns for flame spraying operations

IBEDA offers a comprehensive spectrum for flame spraying operations.

In addition to flame spraying guns such as UniSprayJet and MiniSprayJet—which are the first choice for coating applications—these flame spraying guns can also be used for plastic powder applications. Especially for plastic flame spraying, IBEDA offers plastic flame spraying systems that optimise the process in every respect.

Gas manifold systems, fusing burners as well as safety devices and gas hose couplings are an additional part of our extensive product range. Many years of experience in the area of heating burners allows IBEDA to also offer fusing burners that can be applied during automated processes.

Customised flame spraying guns


Customised flame spraying guns

Based on the flame spraying guns which have worked effectively for many years, such as UniSprayJet and MiniSprayJet, IBEDA offers custom flame spraying guns complying with their corporate design. In addition to the machining and the assembly, IBEDA uses its own test facility in order to support the customers during the development and the test phase.

All products have been tested 100% and guarantee the quality requirements of our OEM customers. Appropriate safety devices and gas hose couplings bring our product range to a full circle.

Flame spraying guns for repair shops

Repair shops

Flame spraying guns for repair shops

IBEDA flame spraying guns such as the UTP MiniSprayJet and UniSprayJet are suitable in particular for mobile applications. IBEDA offers mobile gas manifold systems and tapping points equipped with all necessary safety devices.

Gas hose couplings ensure the quick connecting and disconnecting of the equipment.

Offshore industry


Flame spraying systems for the offshore industry and shipyards

Quite often, mobile flame spraying guns are required in the offshore industry and by shipyards.

IBEDA flame spraying guns are often used for repair and corrosion protection purposes. When using plastic flame spraying guns, plastic coatings can be applied or repaired on-site. Many customers trust these cost-effective and efficient solutions.

Mobile gas manifold systems and distributors as well as safety devices and gas quick-action couplings for rapid mobile applications bring our product range to a full circle.

Flame spraying guns for corrosion protection

Corrosion protection

Flame spraying guns for corrosion protection

When it comes to corrosion protection, it is quite common that components—due to their size or for economic reasons—cannot be disassembled completely and on-site repairs of corrosion-protected areas with zinc powder is more meaningful.

Here, due to its compact design for mobile applications, the IBEDA powder flame spraying gun MiniSprayJet LT/A is perfectly suited. The combination of mobile IBEDA gas manifold systems and distributors as well as the respective safety devices, gas quick-action couplings, hose packages, and the right zinc powder, offer an economical and effective solution for the mobile application in the area of corrosion protection.

Flame spraying guns for the plastic recycling industry

Plastic recycling

Flame spraying guns for the plastic recycling industry

No matter which industry uses recycled plastic in order to gain new products, IBEDA's MiniSprayJet flame spraying gun and the F311FX-S plastic flame spraying systems are often used.

This flame spraying equipments allows for the application of plastic powder coatings, creating uniform, decorative surfaces. As a supplement to the flame spraying guns and systems - and in order to provide a risk-free operation - IBEDA supplies the necessary gas manifold systems, tapping points, safety devices, gas hose couplings as well as the necessary plastic powder.