Safety relief valves

Safety relief valves for pressure relief of vessels, pipelines and other plant components

Type: D10/CS, G10/S, G14/S, G20/S

Safety relief valves


  • prevents the maximum permissible pressure from being exceeded
  • pre-set, guarantees maximum safety and minimum maintenance
  • position-independent installation
  • high resistance brass housing for high and low temperatures
  • acceptance test according to Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU,
    Category IV, Module H1

Safety valves are safety-relevant components of stationary gas supply systems to protect piping systems and downstream fittings or plant components against impermissible overpressure.

Applied standards and specifications according to: AD 2000 leaflet A2, VdTÜV-leaflet safety valve 100, ISO 4126-1, AS1271-2003, EN378, EN13136

They are used to blow off impermissible excess pressure, for example in the event of failure of the main pressure reducer.

IBEDA safety valves are quick opening, spring loaded valves.

When the factory-set opening pressure is exceeded, the valve responds automatically, opens to blow off and then closes again.

The valves are acceptance tested in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU, category IV, module H1.


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