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The digital gas manifold system

Industry 4.0/ IIoT

The Gas supply in the Smart Factory

When talking about an uninterrupted supply of technical gases, the entire process from the supplier to the consumer must be considered. Increasing digitalisation under the heading of Industry 4.0/ IIoT offers a wide range of possibilities for making processes transparent and simplifying them in the future.

This already results in many added values which can be supplemented with further applications in the future. In order to create the conditions for networking, the assets (machines and plants) must first be digitised.

In order to ensure the gas supply to the manufacturing processes, basic requirements must be met. The gas manifold systems and gas tapping points must be designed to suit the machines and plants which are to be supplied, and they must be installed and maintained according to the technical rules. Possible failures of the supply systems should be detected and prevented at an early stage. The gas demand in the planning horizon should be known and it should be possible to compare it with the gas stocks. Automatic, semi-automatic or also manual changeover systems can ensure an uninterrupted gas supply to the manufacturing processes. The digitalisation and networking of gas manifold system in the smart factory in terms of Industry 4.0/ IIoT offers decisive prerequisites for ensuring the gas supply and creating corresponding added value.

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