Powder spray torch

flame spraying gun Unisprayjet


  • Integrated powder transport system
  • With the integrated gate valve many types of transport gases can be used
  • Overhead position through removable and 180° changeable powder connection
  • Just one powder connector with adjustable slider for different capacities
  • Lever to turn gas on and off without changing the settings
  • Model for the connection of one external separate powder feeder (UNISPRAYJET SE) or two external powder feeders (UNISPRAYJET DUAL)

The robust and very efficient powder Flame Spraying Gun

Flame spraying gun for thermal spraying with powder using oxy-fuel gas flame. Function and safety are guaranteed through a gas mixture system using the injector principle. The flame spraying gun comes with a shut off valve to open and close the gas flow without changing the adjustment. The following fuel gases can be used: acetylene, propane, hydrogen in combination with oxygen, as well as compressed air used for cooling purposes.

The UNISPRAYJET is designed for universal application where wear and corrosive protection have to be considered.

Because of its modular design, the standard gun UNISPRAYJET can be used for many applications (e.g. through water cooled extension etc).

Areas of use/application

  • Metal powder coating
    for the hot and cold spraying techniques with self flowing or metal and oxidized ceramic powders
  • Corrosion resistant coatings
    On the basis of low melting metal flame spraying powder (for example zinc and aluminium)
  • Plastic coatings
    Many different types of thermo-plastics and epoxy resins

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