IBEDA Gas Manifold Systems certified up to 2.5 bar Acetylene

IBEDA-Gas Manifold Systems for Acetylene with safety devices for distribution lines larger than DN25


Some applications require an Acetylene pressure of more than 1.5 bar.
Flame spraying is one example for an application requiring a constant Acetylene pressure of 1.5 bar or even more. From technical point of view, it is not possible to realize a constant 1.5 bar Acetylene supply with a one-stage regulator. Owing to its design, the outlet pressure of a one-stage regulator rises when the filling pressure of the connected cylinders or bundles turns to empty. According to the safety regulations the regulators are set to ensure that the maximum outlet pressure cannot exceed 1.5 bar. By reducing the pressure of a cylinder or bundle in two stages and choosing a safety device with a sufficient flow capacity, a constant pressure of 1.5 bar Acetylene can be realized. If a working pressure of more than 1.5 bar is required, it is mandatory that besides the safety device all units installed downstream the regulators are suitable for Acetylene working pressures of more than 1.5 bar.

Where a central gas supply of constant 1.5 bar or more than 1.5 bar at the tapping points is an issue, IBEDA offers BAM certified manifold systems for pressures up to 2.5 bar for maximum safety.

With these IBEDA manifolds in combination with the corresponding tapping points a constant Acetylene supply of 1.5 bar (A) or up to a maximum working pressure of 2.5 bar (B) can be achieved.

gas manifold system acetylene

Gas manifold
system 2.5 bar

up to 2.5 bar


1.5 bar

Set-up example of an IBEDA gas manifold system for an Acetylene pressure up to 2.5 bar with the appropriate tapping points (A and B).

For various special applications, larger distribution lines are needed. To cover this range, IBEDA has designed special central gas manifolds requiring CE-marking. IBEDA supplies central gas supply systems for acetylene for an inlet pressure of 25 bar to connect up to 16 bundles (MCPs) each side. The system is modular and extendable. Parts of all manifolds are high pressure connection hoses and high pressure non-return valves.

According to EN14114 these manifolds for Acetylene are equipped with all required safety components. IBEDA uses generally an automatic quick action shut of valve prior to the regulator and a safety device according to EN ISO 5175-1 downstream the regulator. The maximum outlet pressure of the main regulator is limited in accordance to the cross section of the distribution line.

These central gas supply systems are designed as manual changeover systems, optional contact gauges and alarm panels are available.