IBEDA gas mixers

with mass flow controllers (MFC)

gasmischer mit massendurchflussreglern

Mass flow (MFC) regulated gas mixers for the production of exact gas mixtures. This type of mixer is used where very precise gas mixtures, for example fuel gas/oxygen mixtures, are required, e.g. in the glass industry.

The mass flow regulation technology allows to control disturbance variables such as temperature and pressure variations and to keep the previously defined mixing ratio at a constant level.

A mass flow (MFC) controlled gas mixer can be used to minimise the set-up times during a product change, thanks to the possibility to access previously recorded product-specific flow parameters.

The mixing ratio adjustment occurs electronically and reproducibly and can be done locally via touchscreen or data transmission, which makes this mixer type easy-to-use and user-friendly.

The use of the mass flow technology allows a fully automatic documentation of the mass flow rates of individual gases. The data can be transmitted via USB or interface, e.g. Excel, for evaluation of data.



  • No buffer vessel required
  • Mixing precision +/-0.2% abs.
  • High adjustment accuracy
  • User-friendly operation