Use Case: Heating burner plant

For cutting and welding applications, it is necessary to preheat certain steel qualities before processing. For this purpose, a heating burner plant with oxyfuel burners is used, which is operated with various fuel gases in combination with air and compressed air. The burners are controlled by the required workpiece temperature. After controlled heating of the workpiece, a signal is sent to the downstream cutting or welding system that the target temperature has been reached and the subsequent process can start. If controlled cooling or reheating is required, this can also be done via temperature control. The burners are equipped with a compressed air vacuum injector type Eco-Ven which takes up to 75% of the required combustion air from the ambient atmosphere what leads to a significant reduction in compressed air costs compared to the use of burners with standard injectors. The real fuel gas and compressed air consumption can be determined via the mass flow controllers, which are integrated in the control system, and the resulting costs can be allocated to the respective production order.