Safety Devices for gas manifolds and tube systems

Flashback arrestors prevent gas return and flashback

Type: ESF-3, ESFN-3, ESF-20, ESFN-20, ESFN-U-20, ESFN-20L, ESFN-U-20L and ESF-50

Flammrueckschlagventile ESF


  • dust filter ensures a long service life
  • gas non–return valve prevents dangerous gas mixtures
  • flame arrestor stops flashbacks
  • thermal cut–off valve prevents excessive temperatures
  • gas non-return valve for low cracking pressures
  • position–independent installation

IBEDA supplies flashback arrestors with integrated flame arrestor, gas non-return valve and thermal cut-off valve. The safety devices are used to safeguard thermal process plants requiring high flow rates and operating with hydrogen, propane and natural gas in combination with oxygen.

The models ESF-3, ESF-20 and ESF-50 for single cylinders have two built-in safety functions: a flame barrier and a non-return valve. The integrated flame barrier extinguishes the flashbacks and protects the valve to make sure it works safely even after a flashback. The models ESFN-3, ESFN-20, ESFN-U-20, ESFN-20L as well as the model ESFN-U-20L come with a thermal cut-off valve as an additional safety feature.

The flashback arrestors are available for many industrial gases (fuel gases) such as hydrogen, natural gas, propane, butane, as well as oxygen and compressed air.

The Model ESF-50 is especially designed to safeguard large heating burners operating with low working pressures (≤ 150 mbar of natural gas or propane) in combination with oxygen.

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Installation in tube systems

Installation in tube systems

In large gas supply systems single tube system parts or building sections can be protected separately.

  • Dust filter promotes long life
  • Easy to maintain
  • Wide performance range
  • Minimum pressure drop