Safety devices according to ISO5175-1 and flashback resistant gas non-return valves according to ISO5175-2 as well as hose couplings for Hydrogen

Flashback arrestors and flashback resistant gas non-return valves for Hydrogen offer safety against flashback and gas return.

Special quick couplings for Hydrogen allow the quick and safe connection of Hydrogen lines or downstream components without loss of gas.

Gas Safety devices with hose couplings for Hydrogen

Highlights safety device

  • dust filter ensures long service-life
  • avoids dangerous gas mixtures by a gas non-return valve
  • stops flashback by a flame arrestor, and a temperature-sensitive cut-off valve stops the gas flow when a predetermined temperature is exceeded (safety features according to ISO5175-1)
  • low cracking pressures of the non-return valve
  • flashback-resistant even without integrated flame arrestor if Hydrogen is used with air as oxidant (product types GRS acc. to ISO 5175-2)
  • position-independent installation

Highlights quick-action coupling

  • easy coupling, inadvertent disconnection is almost impossible
  • safe interruption of gas flow on both sides by automatic gas cut-off when disconnecting
  • specially designed coupling mechanism prevents loss of gas when disconnecting
  • stainless steel couplings and coupling pins for long service-life
  • optimized gas flow ensures low pressure loss

IBEDA safety devices for Hydrogen are used for many different Hydrogen applications in the industry or especially in the energy sector. For example, in power-to-gas plants, electrolysis plants, fuel cell technology and other Hydrogen applications. The models GRS and GRV are also used in thermal process plants and processes according to EN746-2.

IBEDA also offers customized solutions in the field of Hydrogen on request. Safety devices, quick couplings or components for gas supply can be adapted or developed according to your requirements.