Compact gas mixer with stainless steel housing and with integrated constant pressure regulators and auto-stop function


The iMixproX gas mixer operates according to the diffusion mixing principle. It has an integrated constant pressure regulation and features an auto-stop function stopping the production of the gas mixture when the gas supply is interrupted.

The iMixproX gas mixer can be used for the production of a pre-defined gas mixtures of two gases. The inlet pressures of the gases to be mixed and the outlet pressure of the gas mixture are indicated by the integrated pressure gauges.

Due to the diffusion mixing principle, the iMixproX guarantees a constant gas mixture even in case of gas withdrawal variations and without additional buffer vessel.
The iMixproX comes with inlet and outlet pressure regulators for setting the required mixture pressure depending on the inlet pressure.

Thanks to the pre-set and fixed gas mixture calibrated to the respective requirements, an accidental change of the mixture is impossible. This makes the iMixproX gas mixer perfect for applications where a constant mixing ratio is absolutely necessary.

The iMixproX is perfectly complemented by the mobile gas analyser GA300 for monitoring the set gas mixture based on the thermal conductivity measurement principle.


  • Withdrawal of mixed gas up to maximum capacity of 31,5 m3/h, 42 m3/h or 63 m3/h (depending on product version and pressure ratio)
  • Pre-defined gas mixture calibrated according to customer‘s requirements
  • No mixture alteration and thus high process reliability
  • High mixing accuracy even in case of gas withdra- wal variations and without additional power supply
  • Cost savings due to the avoidance of storage of different premixes
  • Diffusion-mixing principle, no power supply or additional buffer vessel required
  • Prepared for wall mounting


  • No adjustment of the gas mixture necessary at the mixer before operation


  • Does not depend on input pressure differences due to integrated constant pressure regulation
  • Does not depend on gas withdrawal variations
  • Mixture production stops automatically when gas supply is interrupted