Flashback arrestors for gas manifolds

Decomposition arrestors, quick-action shut-off valves, high pressure non-return valves


Flashback Arrestor SIMAX DEMAX


  • The RSV non-return valve prevents the gas exchange between cylinder with different pressures
  • The entry of air in high pressure hoses is avoided by the RSV non-return valve
  • The quick-action shut-off valve SSE provides a safe cut-off of acetylene decomposition of all high pressure parts with flow up to 150 m3/hr
  • Gas manifolds equipped with all safety devices
  • Decomposition arrestor for Acetylene manifolds

IBEDA safety devices for manifolds and bundle batteries are manufactured to the latest standards. All safety elements of the safety devices, from the high pressure non-return valves, the automatic quick-action shut-off valves to the safety devices with multiple function (decomposition arrestors) are design-type tested according to the latest standards (EN ISO 5175-1 or EN 15615) and are suitable for all ranges of capacity.

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Details - Flashback arrestors for gas manifolds

Schnellschlusseinrichtung SSE

IBEDA mobile gas manifolds with SSE and DEMAX

IBEDA mobile gas manifolds with SSE and DEMAX

IBEDA mobile gas manifold or stationary manifold.

  • High pressure non-return valve for acetylene up to 25 bar, for hydrogen and oxygen up to 300 bar
  • Automatic quick action shut-off for cylinder- and bundle batteries
  • Safety device with multiple function depending on regulator capacity
Zerfallsperre DEMAX

Installation in tube systems

Installation in tube systems

In large gas supply systems single tube system parts or building sections can be protected separately.

  • Long-life span through highest capacity
  • Simple in maintenance
  • Wide capacity field