IBEDA Sicherheitsventile

Flashback arrestors according to ISO5175-1, gas non-return valves according to ISO5175-2 as well as hose couplings for Hydrogen

Flashback arrestors and gas non-return valves provide protection against flashback and gas return

A sustainable and low-emission energy supply, as it is pursued in Europe, means turning away from fossil fuels. Therefore, the importance of hydrogen and fuel cell technology as an efficient energy source will continue to grow.

Due to its specific characteristics, it is essential to select the correct components for the safe operation or the production, the transport and the use of hydrogen.

IBEDA offers a wide range of fittings and safety devices to safeguard these processes. Furthermore IBEDA has been specialised in the development of customised products and solutions over decades, and is therefore your partner for the development of new and safe applications also in the field of hydrogen technology


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