New Acetylene Gas Manifold Systems

with ASV Acetylene Safety Valve provide more safety.

Acetylen Gasversorgungsanlagen en

The new IBEDA acetylene gas manifold systems with ASV are designed for a withdrawal of acetylene from either one side or both sides out of acetylene cylinders or bundles. These manifolds are equipped with the acetylene safety valve ASV. The acetylene safety valve ASV combines the quick-action shut-off device and the pressure limiting device compliant with ISO 14114.

The acetylene safety valve ASV secures the acetylene supply in the high-pressure part and medium-pressure part, prevents exceeding predefined pressure settings and thus precludes the discharge of acetylene in a reliable manner.

Functional safety with patented design

The ASV is equipped with an automatic shut-off valve controlled from the high-pressure and the low-pressure side. This valve closes if one of the predefined response pressures is exceeded, thus interrupting the gas supply in the high-pressure area. A display element indicates when the shut-off valve is closed. The valve remains closed even if the pressures within the gas supply system fall below the response pressures of the ASV again. The shut-off valve can only be opened and the ASV enabled via a manually operated bleed screw. The gas supply system can then be operated in normal mode again.

The ASV is type-examination tested according to EN ISO 15615, and an acetylene decomposition test is done by BAM (the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing).

There are a number of advantages for users of these IBEDA gas supply systems: A pressure limiting device is not necessary and a gas line is omitted, this saves money. Any loss of acetylene is prevented and the risk of explosion through the discharge of acetylene is eliminated. More savings due to the elimination of a risk analysis; otherwise required for an exhaust system.

The models of the new gas manifold systems are: GMS-BKH-ASV-U13-25/1,5-SIMAX3N and
GMS-BKH-ASV-BT- 25/1,5-DG91N.