IBEDA Flame Spraying – double certification

Certified Flame Spraying Plant

The thermal spraying plant has been certified by RAD Systems Engineering of Ladenburg. The IBEDA R & D Centre has been audited with respect to the relevant regulations for production plant criteria. This includes Plant Safety and Safety at Work, Measures for Explosion Protection, Federal Immission Control Act, the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health, the German Clean Air Act, the Low Voltage Directive, the German Work Equipment usage ordinance as well as the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances.

In the course of the completed risk assessment, the plant has been assessed, the fulfilment of the requirements of the Machinery Directive has been reviewed (EC Conformity/CE Certification), Risk Assessments have been carried out pursuant to § 5 and 6 of the Act on Occupational Safety and Health as well as Operational Instructions have been worked out.

Qualified staff members and GTS Certificate

The IBEDA Flame Spraying Technology is GTS certified. The process-engineering and staff requirements as well as the fulfilment of the GTS quality requirements are reviewed and assessed in the course of regular audits in accordance with the GTS QM and GTS Certificate Guidelines. Our staff members are qualified and audited as thermal sprayers (ETS) and professional sprayers (ETSS) according to the DVS®-EWF Guidelines.

IBEDA flame spraying means quality, safety and innovation with both our products and technical processes. We develop high-quality flame spraying solutions in close cooperation with our customers.

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