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Gas hose couplings (quick connectors) for technical gases

IBEDA as a leading manufacturer offers a wide product range of gas quick-action couplings (hose couplings). Owing to conformance with the standards EN 561 and ISO 7289, IBEDA hose couplings, which are of highest quality with BAM approval, are compatible with standard systems worldwide, independent from the manufacturer.

IBEDA quick connectors for high flow allow for fast and easy set up and take down of large equipment, such as large hoses or torches for higher flows.

IBEDA gas hose couplings (quick connectors) according to EN561 / ISO 7289 are available as push or pull system. Furthermore we offer gas hose couplings (quick connectors) for high flow rates.

Furthermore we offer gas hose couplings (quick connectors) with larger diameters for high flow rates. Gas distributors or torches for higher flows can be connected.

In combination with our safety devices (flashback arrestors) the Gas hose couplings (quick connectors) provide a maximum of comfort and safety. These safety devices are used on cylinder regulators, tapping point regulators or on points of use, such as welding torches, cutting torches or heating burners.

The gas quick-action couplings (quick connectors) are used in the industry and in the craft business. The IBEDA gas quick-action couplings are quick and easy to install on torches without using any tool, and can be used for the simple extension of hoses. The hose couplings are designed for and in cooperation with the industry and handicraft and are characterised by their strong and durable design. Design-type tests and special voluntary tests by the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) prove the outstanding quality of the IBEDA manufactured couplings.

Durable stainless steel coupling pins are available for all gas hose couplings.

IBEDA gas hose couplings (quick connectors) are suitable for most technical gases (fuel gases) such as Acetylene, Hydrogen, Ethen, Natural Gas, Propane and Butane as well as Oxygen and Compressed air.

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