Gas mixer range with metering valves for high gas consumption


Gas mixer range for the production of gas mixtures of two or more components. The gas mixers proMixvario are available in versions for non-flammable gases and for flammable gases.

Gas analysis equipment and buffer vessel are offered as an option. Standard mixers are designed for capacity ranges from 15 m3/h to 300 m3/h with a reproducibility of the gas mixture of +/-0.5%. The design of the gas mixer allows full performance which does not depend on the outlet pressure.

The gas mixers proMixvario provide a constant pressure regulation of the mixed gases, which is ensured by the use of dome pressure regulators in the individual gas strands. This also ensures compensation with significant input pressure differences (>3 bar).

To protect the downstream components, the gas mixers are provided with filters in individual gas inlets.

The locking mechanism of the gas mixer proMixvario makes sure that the mixed gas is proportionally fed even if the pressure of the carrier gas drops (up to the minimum pressure) or that all gas strands are locked if the carrier gas supply is fully interrupted. In addition, the pneumatic valve activated by the carrier gas is blocked in the mixture outlet.



  • Individually adjusted metering valves (high accuracy)
  • High-quality, easy-to-read variable area flowmeter
  • Exhaust pipe allows adjustment even without connected loads
  • The pneumatic valve is activated by the carrier gas in the mixture outlet
  • Gas non-return valve in each gas strand
  • Buffer vessel made of stainless steel (optional)
  • Bypass (version with buffer vessel): allows precise analysis, independent from the buffered gas mixture
  • Gas analyser (optional) with sampling gas treatment