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Flashback arrestors (FBA)

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IBEDA as a manufacturer provides a wide range of flashback arrestors (safety devices with flame arrestors). The flashback arrestors (FBA) can be used on single cylinders (regulator mounted), torches as well as on cutting machines. Furthermore, it is the ideal protection at cylinder regulators, distribution lines, tapping points and gas distributors (board connection block). The flashback arrestors (FBA) offer a gas non-return valve (check valve), a flame arrestor (flame barrier) as well as a thermal cut-off valve. The IBEDA flashback arrestor is suitable for all standard gas types. These arrestors with multiple safety functions provide optimal protection against flashback, gas return and additionally against burnback if the safety device type includes a thermal cut-off valve.

IBEDA flashback arrestors are manufactured to international standards (EN ISO 5175-1, before EN 730-1) and regulations (TRAC207 - flashback arrestors) and are independently certified by leading institutes like the German BAM and the American UL. Both BAM and UL audit the production plant and the actual production processes of the manufacturer IBEDA. All flashback arrestors are 100% tested according to EN ISO 5175-1. The function of the flame arrestor, the gas non-return valve and the leak-tightness is tested. The safety devices are suitable for most technical gases (Fuel gases) such as Acetylene, Hydrogen, Methane, Propane, Propylene and Butane as well as Oxygen and compressed air. At the IBEDA web page you will find a huge collection of comprehensive material about the flashback arrestors like technical data sheets, videos or function explenations.

Function of IBEDA Flashback Arrestors

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