Heating burners for flame soldering

flame soldering


  • Automobile industry
  • Sanitary
  • Machine tool manufacturing
  • Pipeline construction

Use of the flame brazing process allows for bonding of various materials. This is achieved by using a melted additive – the solder. Brazing is mainly applied with copper and its various composite materials as well as Aluminium and materials with limited suitability for fusion welding processes.

The flame brazing processes differ in the following:

  • the brazing temperature (soft-soldering, brazing or high-temperature brazing)
  • the kind of soldered joint (fusion brazing and braze welding).

In comparison to other brazing processes, the flame brazing provides low investment costs allowing the mechanisation and automation even with small production lots. A high degree of automation is achieved by special brazing burners or burner groups installed in different plants, such as indexing tables, sliding tables, conveyor systems or transfer tables with pre-heating stations and the combination with cooling systems or water quenches. The solder metal can be fed as wire, as ring or by appropriate solder feeders.