Heating burners for flame cleaning

flame cleaning


  • Repair
  • Concrete surfaces
  • Steel handling
  • Ship construction

Flame cleaning is a process for treatment of work piece surfaces. The thermal cleaning with Acetylene is applied where clean surfaces are required for further treatment of the work piece. Rust, mill scale, paint and scale slayer can be easily removed. Surfaces which are treated by flame cleaning provide prefect adhesion for coatings which optimize the corrosion resistance.

Untreated concrete surfaces are prone to corrosion damages. To ensure a long-term preservation by coating materials, a clean and dry concrete surface is required. With the concrete renovation, the surfaces can be prepared for the concrete maintenance. The thermal cleaning is an environment-friendly process for removal of old paint, layers, oil or rubber abrasion on concrete areas. Additionally, the flame cleaning allows for finishing of natural surfaces.

IBEDA supplies flame cleaning inserts at 50, 100, 150 and 200 mm. Furthermore, special burners of larger sizes can be offered upon request.